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Is taking a turmeric likely to cause kidney stones in someone with a history?

I began taking 500mg of turmeric twice a day about 2 weeks ago to help with arthritis pain.  My GP and GI docs said it would be fine to try it for 2-3 months to see if I improve.  I recently came across something that said turmeric can cause calcium oxalate (sp?) kidney stones.  I am prone to forming stones and have had numerous surgical procedures about 8-10 years ago to get rid of them.  Since then I have been taking a potassium citrate prescription med. to keep them from forming and I have been fine.  Both of these docs who said it would be OK did not treat me when I was going through these procedures but it is noted on my charts. I see the GI doc for lymphocitic colitis.  Perhaps these docs were not considering my kidney stone issues when they gave me the OK on the turmeric. Should I discontinue taking the turmeric?  I've taken it for the past 2 weeks. Do you think I have caused any stone formation in that amount of time?  Thank you.
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