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My Grandmother has a HUGE Kidney stone

So, my grandmother has a huge kidney stone in her right kidney size 70mm. That kidney is now at 15% functioning level and her left is now 85%. We got a consult elsewhere as her doctor wanted to see what another doctor had to say as he was thinking a nephrolithotomy was the best option for her to keep her right kidney in case something ever happened to her left.

Well, we go see the other doctor and things are pretty much totally different. He won't put her on the operating table which (makes sense now that I think of it) for either kidney removal or the nephrolithotomy as she doesn't do well with anesthesia and she's at a high risk of NOT waking up. Also, her abdomen is very distended from her hysterectomy and her surgery where they went in to remove cancer within her colon a few years ago.

So, due to the kidney being caused by multiple UTIs and it's infectious nature they just have her on antibiotics which has controlled her pain however this doesn't decrease the chance of that kidney stone growing and rupturing her right kidney her doctor stated.

Are there any other options for her? That would be noninvasive? The doctors make it sound like lasering it to break it up would not work due to the size which does make sense but I also am fearful of her having to go into an emergency surgery. Any input or help I am grateful for...
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WOW!! That's one huge kidney stone that your Grandmother has. To be very honest with you, I have nothing in my over 30 years and 35 plus stones  experience that would qualify me to comment on her situation in anyway. Considering her other medical procedures and that 70 mm kidney stone that she now has, the only thing that I would possibly suggest is a third opinion, just to be sure. It would seem to me though, as a layman, that someone needs to remove a stone that size ASAP and the sooner,the better for her general health and in order to give her a better chance of keeping that one kidney. Please let us know what happens and how your Grandmother makes out with this situation.
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