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midback cramps

Could midback cramps be caused by possible kidney stones. A week ago I got my long back muscles below the ribs cramped. When I tightened my abdominal muscles, I got pain in my back. The back has been weird since that.

Today in the morning I again got cramps. First slight cramping in the back, then bad cramps in my legs. When I took a warm shower, I found that the back muscles were in tight cramp. Addituonally, I had some symptom in my upper abdomen. My intestines were contracting very quikly. Some time later I got diarrhea.

My gall bladder has been taken off. Thus it is not cholelithiasis. Could this be some kind of intestinal problem? Or kidney stone? I have often hypercalcemia, and also my Na+ is sometimes above the reference. I have strong muscles but lowering of my thyroid medication has decreased my muscle tone. Sometimes my urinary bladder is weak. I have no pain in the bladder.

I am using magnesium 300-400 mg daily, and vitamin D 50 mcg. My blood magnesium has been normal. I cannot take more vitamin D, because I have hyperparatyroidism and I may get atrial fibrillation due to increasing vitamin D intake (last time at the beninning of this year, when vit D was increased to 100 mcg). During last few weeks my leg cramping has increased.
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I understand your concern regarding your symptoms. This could be due to possible infection, kidney stones, referred pain, and even muscle spasm. If it persists, further evaluation and additional diagnostic tests may need to be done. Drinking plenty of fluids may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
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The first back muscle cramp lasted for one week and the second for a few days. The back cramps might have resulted from a mouth-stomach infection or from my cervical dystonia. I got some infection in my mouth mocosa, then pharynx, esophagus and stomach. Upper abdomen was so swollen and tight that respiratory movements were difficult. Now the symptoms have vanished but I sometiomes get tightness in my upper abdomen when walking. Could this be from the diaphragma, or esophagus or stomach? A coronary artery disease has been excluded from possible causes. I have also had joint problems.
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