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Am I lactose intolerant?

Well when I drink too much milk which is about a cup, my stomach starts to hurt and I have the feeling of throwing up. When I eat foods with dairy, I don't have any stomach problems. So am I?
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What types of foods with dairy do you mean? Custard and ice cream, or dairy baked into a cake. Lots of hard cheddar?
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Please describe the quality of pain. Lactose intolerance is typically accompanied by abdominal cramping and flatulence.  Individuals who are lactose intolerant are incapable of breaking down the sugar found in milk known as lactose. This occurs due to the lack of an enzyme called lactase. In such an individual, the lactose passes into the small intestine undigested where bacteria begin to break it down via fermentation. Fermentation produces an excess amount of gas which causes bloating and abdominal cramps. This is not an uncommon occurence. Most mammals only produce lactase during infancy in order to digest the mother's milk. In short, mammals weren't intended to produce lactase throughout adulthood. In order to determine if you are in fact lactose intolerant, I suggest trying Lactaid which is a lactase supplement and then try a glass of milk. If you are in fact lactose intolerant you can still consume some dairy products without the aid   of the lactase supplement. The lactose in aged cheeses for example, has already went through fermentation and should not induce symptoms.
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Sometimes pure milk is the worst.
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it happens from an imbalance in the gut .first you have to balance your gut .commonly this happens when you r lactobacillus and ecoli are low or even gone .mutaflor is probably the only product that i know that has beneficial ecoli .this stuff is gold it kills of bad bacteria in the gut and makes it easier for lactobacillus to grow again and mgaspor fuels the good bacteria .also kefir water and kefir milk are the most potent probiotics on the planet .from my own experience i found pseudomonas aerguinosa to be a contributing factor to lactose intolerance . other bacteria like strep bacteria in the gut or staph .but pseudomnas has been known to be a highly likely candidate .its been associated with ibs and other problems as well.
balance out your gut and you will see the difference.
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