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Can lymphoma show up in elbow bone?

Recently finished treatment for diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Elbow started hurting like crazy and I think it was bursitis... the fluid-like lump has gone down somewhat but I can still feel some residue lump and it’s kinda hard.

The lump is a couple of cm’s above my elbow bone on the ulna.

Will get a scan next week but just wondering if anyone can offer any advice.
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Epitrochlear nodes can be found on the inside of the upper arm, just above the elbow crease.
These are suspicious for lymphoma, melanoma, or skin infection.

Olecranon bursitis is located in a different location, near the tip of the elbow.
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Regarding anatomy, you stated the lump is a couple of cm's above the elbow bone on the ulna. However, the bone above/proximal to the elbow is the humerus, whereas the bones below/distal to the elbow are the radius and ulna.
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Sorry, my mistake. I meant below! So on the forearm. Thanks for spotting that!
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Hi, sadlamp.  A cancer can do almost anything, so it comes down to a matter of what's likely versus not likely. Lymphoma can get into any bone.

"the fluid-like lump"
That doesn't seem like B-cell lymphoma at all.

"but I can still feel some residue lump"
Is it attached to the bone or is it moveable?

There is also a not-cancer condition called a ganglion cyst, which  grows over tendons.

Was your immune system suppressed by the chemo? Maybe there was an infection that got into the bursa.

Good luck on your scan result, it'll probably turn out to be okay. If you didn't have the history of DLBCL, docs probably wouldn't be much concerned. But they have to check it out. It'd be nice if you can post back when you get the scan result.
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Thanks for your response. Lump hasn’t got bigger or smaller in 4 weeks. Scan is tomorrow and I’m terrified.

Not sure if it is attached to the bone but it doesn’t feel very moveable.

The fluid on my elbow has gone down considerably but still there.

No other lumps anywhere else and no other symptoms.

How was your scan results? Is there anything serious, I hope it is not.
I also had a lump on my head that was movable and got tested last week, it was nothing serious, just a normal cyst. But I'm still confused, should I get it removed or not!
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