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High Eosinophils, Vit.D Deficiency

Hi and thanks for reading.  I am not currently diagnosed with leukemia but I was unsure where to ask my leukemia related question..  

For the past 4-5 months I have been experiencing a wide range of symptoms which first appeared as vision blurring and abnormalities (december), then balance/coordination issues (january), and finally neck/back joint pains which are excruciatingly painful (past few months).

I just had a blood test done which revealed several abnormalities.  I had Vitamin D deficiency (25-OH D level at just 13!! D2 at 13, D3 <4. normal range is 20-100)  high eosinophils (5.4, normal is 0-4) and low Anion Gap (6, normal is 7-15).   Does anyone have any ideas what could cause my symptoms with this blood analysis result?  I was also negative for parasites in a stool test (apparently often related to eosinophils).  My doctor was about to prescribe me vitamin d supplements but I asked him to do a full D panel to see if the active vitamin d (1,25) is high (which I read means that there is a disease process going on).  

I have a return appointment to discuss that in a few weeks but I feel there is truly more that needs to be tested.  Specific concerns are blood diseases associated with Eosinophils, including its several forms (though rare) of leukemia, and also autoimmune diseases (such as ms). Does anyone have any ideas what could relate to my blood results and symptoms?  What should I ask for to be tested next to discover the cause of all this?  I am 99.999999% certain the cause of my ailments is not that i am simply Vit.D deficient.

thanks in advance
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calcium deficiency causing bone loss and therefore pain?

plus, Ca is involved of course in nerve transmission

and perhaps a magnesium deficiency inhibits vit D production?

or how about eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder?

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