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Need help with blood test results

Not sure if this is the right community, but when I googled my blood test counts, this came up.

Recent blood tests show low neutrophils segmented percent at 40.4% (50-70% normal), high eosinophils percent at 14.1% (1-5% normal), and high eosinophils absolute at .9 (.05-.5 normal)

What does this mean?

Doctor said due to allergies (hay fever) but I have NO symptoms of allergies. I do have a middle ear infection. I swim A LOT and didn't do the best job getting my ears dry. However, that's not bad. It doesn't hurt. I went to doc to get it checked because it was itching and sounding clogged. Other than that. Zero symptoms.

However, I have been having other "odd" things going on. They include
Trigeminal neuralgia (MRI indicated nothing. Determined idiopathic)
Drenching night sweats
Right ring finger joint pain, swelling, and redness
Left tibia shin pain intermittent. Sometimes feel sharp pain with normal walking
Flare ups of itchy skin - right hand only. Feels like pin prick coming through underside of skin
FREQUENT diarrhea
EXTREME fatigue
Sometimes neck lymph nodes swell and become painful. They don't swell big. Small round and tender.

I'm 44, female, 5'3, 128 lbs, swim 30 laps daily

Any ideas? Should this be concerning? Normal?

Thanks for any help.
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Usually the lymph nodes wont present as painful when thinking cancer but the blood counts do seem slightly off. Maybe an infection or too much exercise etc? Would certainly be worth a second look if it will help ease your mind :) Good luck and please let me know what you find out :)
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My neutrophils absolute score is high 7.1x10E3/uL, Eos absolute high 0.5x10E3/uL, Ast high 64 IU/Ul, AND my Alt is high 52 IU/Ul I'm negative for all hepatitis forms.  Having a stomach ultrasound done tomorrow but I'm worried.  I too have hot flashes severe night sweats, fever chills, boating of stomach, diaherra constant. It *****,seems like your in the same boat I'll let you know if I hear anything
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