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Pathologist report & lab abnormalities

I was referred to a hematologist following a year of high platelet counts (480-580) over the past 12 months. My WBC count has also been high although it’s now normal. I am concerned about the pathology review and comments. It said there was “minimal thrombosis with rare myelocytes seen. While the findings by themselves are not specific, close clinical follow-up is recommended, as any persistence or progression of these findings or additional CBC abnormalities may prompt further examination for a myeloproliferative neoplasm or infiltrative marrow process.“  I’m concerned because of the history of CBC abnormalities. Am I worried for no reason or should I be concerned?
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Hi. Sorry to say, but you are stuck in 'watch and wait' mode as the path report says. I'd guess your doc will have you do regular CBCs, say every 4-6 weeks. You'll be hoping for a decline in platelet count, rather than the persistence or progression.

The raw chances of your thrombocytosis (high platelets) being 'primary', which is the bad one, are maybe around only 10%. On the other hand, the best to want is that your thrombocytosis is 'secondary' to chronic infection or chronic inflammation. Having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) would qualify for the latter. Have you had GI problems, for the past year?

The fact that your WBC declined is good, because that probably means your odd blood counts are not from a primary thrombocytosis - your high WBC would have been long lasting.

How long since your WBC declined? It could have been high because of 'reacting' to an infection or inflammation in GI or urinary tract, or in lungs.  

I'd think the odds are in your favor on this.
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Meanwhile, Deanna, your report says there is no micro clotting, which of course is good. But still, I'd take some measures to put yourself in an even more anti-clotting state - such as making sure you are never dehydrated. Did your doc recommend a low dose aspirin?

(High platelets make the blood thicker, which generally tends to clotting.)

Platelets can go as high as 1,000 or more. So you're not so bad on the number.
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