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Wondering about these results, have been referred to hematologist?

WBC Count 26.1
Red Blood Cell Count 4.64
Hemoglobin 14.2
Hematocrit 42.4
MCV 91.4
MCH 30.6
MCHC 33.5
RDW 13.3
Platelet Count 357
MPV 11.5
Absolute Neutrophils 21,298
Absolute Lymphocytes 3393
Absolute Monocytes 1253
Absolute Eosinophils 78
Absolute Basophils 78
Absolute Nucleated RBC 0
Neutrophils 81.6%
Lymphocytes 13%
Monocytes 4.8%
Eosinophils 0.3%
Basophils 0.3%
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Hi, your WBC is high because the neutrophils are high. Usually, neutrophils go high as their numbers increase to fight some infection. However since you are referred to a hema, you probably have no signs of infection and infection must have been ruled out. Probably ruled out, though there are 'occult' (hidden) infections.

Therefore, the hema will investigate other causes. At this point, it's not necessary to jump to the conclusion that it's the rare Neutrophilic CML - but unfortunately you probably will have to go through the testing and waiting to rule it out.

What are your symptoms?

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Abdominal bloating and some tenderness in and off. Some swollen lymph nodes and fatigue. I haven’t been sick and no sign of infection otherwise.
I’ve had high wbc count for a few years and was asked to look into when first discovered but didn’t know who to go to, now a referral
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On your CBC report, what is the normal range for Absolute Monocytes?
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200-950 is the normal range listed
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Okay then, that is "neutrophilia with monocytosis".

Some guesses:

Since it has been for years, it's not the 'acute' kind (AML).

CML (which is a blood cancer) would maybe/probably be a much much higher WBC.

If the 'expansion' (increased cell number) were in only one cell line, that's more worrying for myelonegenous leukemia than if it's in more than one line - which instead tends toward being reactive and not-cancer. Being reactive means responding to some influence, not simply runaway multiplying because of cancer. Even severe depression can increase neuts and monocytes.

Some drugs can do it. Are you on any medications?

Where are the nodes? Did they come up suddenly and then stopped growing? Have any been sonogrammed yet?

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Thank you for that info....the nodes are in the armpit on the back of the arm on the lower back near the spine and in the abdomen- they’ve ordered a scan of the chest abdomen and pelvis no ultrasound etc as of yet. I’m not on any medication other than a nature throid which is for my hypothyroidism and no other medical conditions like depression stress etc.
I also just recently noticed what looks like varicose veins on my left breast/chest wall which the doctor is not concerned with the breast rather the lung if that helps any
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Well, I think you need more clues here, from testing.

That's a strange pattern for enlarged nodes. Did they each enlarge suddenly, either all together or one after another? How large? Can you tell if they are oval or rounded?

"varicose veins on my left breast/chest wall which the doctor is not concerned with"
If the enlarged nodes are on the left also, then to me that seems like a clue to not ignore.

Overall, my guess would be that this is reactive and not-cancer.

Any insect bites? Cat scratches? What is your age?

Might the nature throid have some impurity? Have you tried a different brand?
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43 no bites scratches etc. the thyroid medication is something I’ve taken for years with no ill effect. Lymph’s are as large as my finger tip some smaller and mostly located in the left side besides the one on back and abdomen ones and I can’t tell what shape they are. I was wondering if the doctor just missed something so happy to have the CT scan.
43 no scratches bites etc...lymph nodes are basically the size of my finger tip and located in left side besides the abdomen and back and I can’t tell the shape really....wondering if something was missed. The nature throud is something I’ve taken for years without problems but you never know!!
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A CT scan mostly tells the place, size and shape if nodes. They want to see what's deeper inside. But a sonogram tells the inside structure of surface nodes. So you would e.g. want a sono before they'd do any biopsy.

I don't know how a problem in the lungs would affect the node areas you have. Granulomas would be expected to go to the neck though.

Now one more time :)  Did the nodes each enlarge suddenly, either all together or one after another?

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All at the same time but a few that showed up about a week afterwards
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If each node enlarged almost overnight, that tends very strongly to being reactive. That's also true for many enlarging at the same period in time.

Altogether, I'm thinking you shouldn't worry much about cancer. Let me know what you find out from the hema, okay?
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I will....thank you for all your answers!!
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