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follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma relaspe?

Im im remission from follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma.Iwas treated with CHOP and Rituxin from Jan.08-May 08.I recently had a CAT scan that stated - mildly prominent mediastinal lymph nodes,stable nodule in the left upper quadrant,slighty more conspicuous nodular density in the left upper lobe of uncertain significance.Close continued follow up recommended.Stable mild central mesenteric stranding.I've been getting ritixan infussions every six months for a month, I'll have my 3 treatment in Nov. and my last one in May.My Dr. is sending me for another scan in Nov.Im so scared my cancer is returning.Does this sound like it's returning ?My Dr. tells me not to worry but Im scared to death.Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I have NHFL, Grade I, Stage IV.  I just completed 8 Rituxan infusions.  Do you know what grade yours is?  If it is idolent (slow growing) the tumors wax and wane.  My oncologist said I can expect remissions and relapses.  If you do have a relapse, they will treat it.  Did you have the lung nodules originally or are they something new?  If your oncologist said not to worry, it is easy to say, but I wouldn't.  With an indolent lymphoma, you can't stay in remission forever and when you relapse, you will get treated again.  You can have this for many years and although it is not cureable, it is very treatable.  Sometimes remissions last for years and sometime they don't.  The good thing is that you can keep treating it.  Good luck to you.
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Thank you for answering my questions. I have Idolent lymphoma that got agressive thats why I was treated with chemo and rituxan now Im on maintenance rituxan.The nodual was there before chemo went away after treatment now it's back even though Im on the rituxan. I probally need to be more agressive when talking with my dr.I will keep you in my prayers and again thank you for answering my post.

                                                                            God Bless,pj56
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