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Blood results help for my 5 year old is this pointing to cancer or leukemia or bone marrow problems someone help

Hi all i really need some advice,

my 5 year old has been poorly for a year constant infections, night sweats, bed wetting, fatigue, paleness, occasional rashes even behaviour issues, runny clear fluid out of nose, emotionalness, continous lymph swellings. in sept and oct 2009 she had 2 swellings on her groins behind her lymph nodes they were removed and fluid drained the node was tested and i was never told any issues. She now for the past 6 months has had constant swellings in her neck all down her neck with the right being more then the left im told.  shes down for a tonsil removal 1st week in dec coming as they want to rule out them causing the further lymph swellings.

She has had her blood results back today and im extremley worried
ESR should be im told between 4-12 and its 81!!!!!!
Platelets should be up to 4.00 and they are 4.33.

Can someone please help me
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Hi Katey and thanks for your comments,

Il be honest my mum last year 2009 thought it was the start as her groin nodes all swelled and some requited draining but then you see the biopsy wasnt found to have any bad things in it except of course the fluid which was like a puss i suppose (both sides of her groins) going on from that the rest i mentioned has happened and her cervix nodes (neck) are all always up and have been for months and months they put it down to her tonsils hence why they are removing them.  im not so sure i really am not.  

becuase of her continous unwell ness they did her bloods the only things that raised alarms with the drs was the ESR at 81 (should be 4-12) and the platelets where also higher then they should be.  she had just the week previous finished a course of antibiotics for her throat which they said 'could' be causing her problems.

one dr saying the levels in the blood could be to do with the tonsils the other saying no its impossible you dont get readings like that from throat problem.

so all in all i dont know!

They said her white cell count was as it should be.

shes being retested on tuesday all thats been requested is the full blood count due to the platelets last time, ESR due to the extreme hight of the last one, and CPR i think its called which is for kidney disease so he told me.  

The white cells were at 10.6

thanks x
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I know this is not what you want to hear, but it sounds like she has many symptoms that could point toward leukemia.  I'm a leukemia survivor and those symptoms send up a red flag. The lymph node swelling is very concerning to me. Also, having an ESR that high often indicates an infection or anemia which could be related to leukemia.  But did they run a CBC?  What level were the WBCs at? Please keep me updated.
I wish you both the best of luck,
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