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Swollen Lymph nodes in chest

I recently had a series of cardio tests due to significant family history. A CT scan of the heart was done, heart fine but it actually picked up swollen lymph nodes in my chest. My cardiologist asked to feel my neck and detected a swollen gland there as well. She asked about recent illnesses or infections and I haven’t been ill for months. She said it’s not her are of expertise and might not be an issue but she’s sent my results to my GP and said they might want another test. I’ve been exhausted lately and getting out of breath with activity but chalked that up to extreme stress at work and lack of recent exercise (which could still be the cause :)). I’m freaking out a bit though. Cardio follow-up up was yesterday so I have the long weekend to stew before getting in touch with GP. Any other ideas of what it could be outside of lymphoma?
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Hi, a cancer is the least likely cause. The most likely would be some infection, even a low grade virus in the lungs - which makes for lots of mucus in there which results in low oxygen and then the tiredness and shortness of breath.

Epstein Barr virus can enlarge nodes in chest and neck, too. Also Lyme.

Another cause could be some autoimmunity. A doc would want to know about any personal or family history of odd immune system conditions. E.g. lupus.

Any GP would want a blood test called a CBC. I'd call the office and see if some doc there will order that for you, then you have the results before meeting with your GP. You  want to see white cells high (tending to infection).
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