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Why am I being referred to haematology and what will they do?

Why am I being referred to haematology? And why am I going for a chest X-ray?

Since my appointment at the GP (for extreme exhaustion, worst night sweats I’ve ever experienced, major weight loss, peeing a lot, dizziness, and many other symptoms) he has referred me to get a chest X-ray (the Friday coming) and has referred me to haematology (my appt is 24th of August - quite a wait)

I’m wondering  what is the chest X-ray for?? And why could I be going to haematology? I know he mentioned a few big words as worries but I remember lymphoma being one of them.  I’m just really worried and have been panicking a lot. I feel like it’s a lot of stress for something that will be nothing in the end.
I’m a 21 year old female in Scotland, thanks.
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Hi, what was felt in your neck might be a swollen lymph node. The x-ray is mainly to look for other swollen lymph nodes in the chest.

It's important to remember that while your symptoms might be caused by lymphoma, a lymphoma is not necessarily the most likely cause. So then at this point we can think of these tests as a possible way to rule out lymphoma, and then look at other causes.

At your age, the type of lymphoma they'd think of first is called Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is very treatable. That means the likelihood of the treatment being successful is very high.

A haematologist can treat lymphoma. They would immediately do a blood test called a Full Blood Count. If your red blood cells are low in number, that's called anaemia and that can explain the dizziness and exhaustion - because of low oxygen. Lots of things can cause anaemia, and lymphoma is only one of them.

But the GP could have ordered that FBC blood test. I'm surprised he didn't do so. It's an inexpensive test and is commonly done for many, many reasons.

"Plus I found a lump on my downstairs"
You should ring up the GP's office to tell them that, and I'd even ask for an ultrasound scan of that lump as well as the one in the neck. I don't know how it works in Scotland, but in the US any GP can order those ultrasound scans. Otherwise, knowing of the lump in the groin (called "inguinal") might make them schedule the haematologist appointment sooner.

Good luck to you, please let me know how it turns out.
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I would like to also add at the GO appointment he felt around my neck and noticed a gland or something that we was worried about. Plus I found a lump on my downstairs  
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