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Do my CBC results indicate potential leukemia?


I recently went to the doctor for some minor issues I was having - dizziness, some night sweats (not all the time though, just a couple times a month), hair loss, inability to gain weight.  Basically, all of my symptoms are really vague and could be related to many things.

She ran some blood tests and noted that my thyroid was a little on the sluggish side.  I asked for my lab report because the doctor checked my ferritin in this recent report and another doctor (a dermatologist) that dx'ed me with diffuse alopecia areata last spring wanted a follow up on my ferritin level.

When I looked at my report, I noticed that my WBC and my RBC was somewhat low.  My neutrophils (as a percentage of my blood cells) were also low.  I want to know if I should be concerned about the values I'm seeing for a 28-year old woman:

RBC: 3.92
WBC: 5.0
Hemoglobin: 12.4
Hematocrit: 37.1 (%)
MCV: 95
MCH: 31.6
MCHC: 33.4
RDW: 13.3%
Platelets: 344
Neutrophils: 45%
Lymphocytes: 46%
Monocytes: 7%
Eos: 1%
Baso: 1%
Neutrophils (Abs): 2.2
Lymph (Abs): 2.3
Monocytes (Abs): 0.4
Eos (Abs): 0.1
Baso (Abs): 0.0

I should note that the day after I took this test I developed two canker sores (aphthous ulcer) that caused the lymph nodes under my jaw to swell, so maybe that caused my low blood count.  My calcium level was high (10.1), but I've been taking a vitamin D supplement for the Alopecia Areata and I think excess Vitamin D can cause your calcium levels to rise.

Any advice an expert doctor can offer would be great.  I go back to see my doctor in four weeks and if there are any questions I should be asking based on my lab results, I would appreciate your suggestions!  If my labs are completely normal and no cause for worry, then knowing that would be amazing as well.

Thank you,

Rachel G.
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Rachel G,

Results from your CBC do not reveal any findings concerning for leukemia.  Your WBC count is still within a normal range (although there may be slight variation from one lab to another).  The differential of your white blood count  (the number of neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes) is normal.  The neutrophil count is not significantly low. Your platelet count is normal.  For a young female, your RBC count, hemoglobin, and hematocrit are also within normal limits.

It seems that you should continue to follow up with your doctor for evaluation and treatment of your other symptoms, but there is nothing in your labs above that is suggestive of leukemia, other blood cancer, or primary bone marrow problem (all blood cells are made in the bone marrow).  

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to post again. Good luck and take care.
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Hi .. I have currently developed the symptoms too ... But my problem is .... 6 months aho I had a blood test for like everything .. E.g cbc ... Anyway everything was okaii ... So 6 months on I have started to develop symptoms like leakimia .... Would this even be possinle 6 months on !!! Xx

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