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1.3 Total Bilirubin - max 1.2


32 year old male.  Recently had full physical: blood work + urine analysis.  Everything was normal except slightly elevated albumin 5.3 (lab max was 5.1) and of course the scary total bilirubin which was measured at 1.3 (where the lab max was 1.2).  All other values normal (ALT, AST, ALP). Also had CBC and all was normal there as well. Urine had no trace of bilirubin either.  My doctor assured me that I am ok.  I pleaded with him about all the information I have read on the web regarding the fractional bilirubin and the possible sinister ailments associated with high levels of bilirubin.  He commended my research, but again stated that I am in good health.  How common is it to have these elevated values? He treats hep-c patients so I would assume he would not miss anything.
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You have very mildly  elevated bilirubin which may not be significant since other test results are normal. You also do not have any symptoms or signs suggestive of hepatitis. It can just be a lab error. Stop worrying. If you are anxious you may take up serum bilirubin test after a month and check. It is suggested to consult your doctor for more queries and assistance. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and kind regards!  
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Thank you very much for the information and advice. It was the first blood test I had in over ten years so I was anxious about the results, but have calmed down since your post.
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Decided to post a follow-up for any others who had a similar question.  I had new blood work done early April and my bilirubin was in the normal range: 0.7.
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