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ASMA weak positive

My son aged 27,having a wt of 100 kg,height 176,after a check up found to have fatty lever,& a lot of tests were done likeASMA-weak positive, seruloplasmin-24,liver kidney Microsome antibody,0.90,urine copper-19,ANA-anti nuclear antibody-4.1,gama GT-64,SGOT/AST-55,SGPT/ALT-108.DR adviced to reduce weight& take Ursocol,Viboliv,Heptral,PREDEMET(steroid).some says not steroid not required now.after reducing weight&after a bioxy test only take steroids.what is is your opinion.he doesnt smokeor consume alcohole.please give your expert advice
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How is your son? What are the symptoms present? Predmet or methylprednisolone is a steroid that prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. I understand your concern regarding the steroid medicine. However, it is best that you discus this with his  attending physician for proper management. Factors such as his medical history, symptoms present, results of other diagnostic tests and overall health are important considerations also. If this is indicated for inflammation and as long as this medicine is taken as prescribed, there is nothing to be worried about. Take care and do keep us posted with your follow-up. Best regards.
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Thanks Dr for your valuable comment.my son is fine.trying hard to reduce his weight from 99 kgs to 76kgs.a very difficult task.he was a very good sports man and after stopping his activities on getting IT job ,weight gain started.added to that one half year Higher study inUK made things worse. We consulted another set of Drs & as per their advice we have stopped Steroids.they want us to reduce his weight& check after 3 months.
My son is very active.he is a non-smmoker,non drinker of alcohole.he has taken injections for prevention of hepatitis.he was born in Nigeria& had taken some injections from there.
For information of Drs& form members
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