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Abnormal bilirubin & other symptoms

Hi all,

I recently had a few blood tests done for a suspected autoimmune disease. The antinuclear antibody test came back negative but quite a few others were abnormal. The main one was a bilirubin level of 28 umol (normal < 17). Is this anything to be concerned about? I know a past blood test 2 years revealed an abnormal level of 20 umol but it's obviously increased a lot since since then.

I also had an increased aPTT, high haemoglobin, high haemocrit level and an extremely high ige level of 580 (normal <90). I also have an underactive thyroid and I am only 23. I'm not sure if any of my symptoms are related to any of these results, but I experience extreme fatigue, chronic hives and rashes, daily itching, dry skin, dry eyes and mouth, hair loss and portal hypotension.

Does anyone recognise any of these symptoms and/or abnormal test results and what they my indicate? I have had 3 different doctors over the past 2-3 years so not all my results are together in one place, hence why these results have never been discussed collectively with me before.
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What have your doctors said?

I suggest you provide all your lab tests to your doctor to help them with a diagnosis.

Are any of the doctors specialists? If not possibly they can give you a referral to an appropriate type of medical professional
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Thanks, yes I will do, I just wondered if they might all indicate something first before I go with all of my previous test results. No they're not specialists but they would not refer me anyway unless they highly suspected something anyway.
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I believe you can request an appointment with a specialist if your insurance will cover it.

You should be able to ask for a second opinion from a higher level doctor rather than just your general practicioner.
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I live in the UK and my healthcare is under the NHS so I would not get a referral unless my Current GP thought it would be necessary. I will make an appointment next week and take all of my results from different doctors and see what they say then, I just can't cope with the daily urticaria and itching any longer! Thanks for your advice though.
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