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Always wrong blood results (Liver Enzymes)

Hello, I'm writing here for help as I'm totally desperate now, it's been 15 years almost that I discovered abnormal liver enzymes values, the 2 most recent abnormalities are summarized below; nobody has been able to provide a diagnosis or direct me to more specific tests other than the
standard ecography + blood exams.

Age: 28, Male, 76.5 Kg, Caucasian

Exam date 2011/12
- GGT [GammaGT] 287 UI/L
- ASAT [AST]45 UI/l [4 days back the value was 25 UI/L]
- ALAT [ALT] 62 UI/l [4 days back the value was 50 UI/L]
- Hepatitis B/C negative [lack of immunity for B, vaccinated in 2015 - Twinrix A+B]
- eosinophilic leukocyte count 427/mm3
All other values are within norm, including TSH (Thyroid hormone), Creatinine clearance 9,2mg/L

Exam date 2015/7
- GGT [GammaGT]299 UI/L
- ASAT [AST] 30 UI/L [Seems within normal ranges]
- ALAT [ALT] 55 UI/L

Every time I go to the doctor (they change as I relocated countries a few times) they assume it's just bad diet + alcohol consumption, prescribe a healthy diet without alcohol etc.
I did an experiment and followed their advice a few years back, so absolutely no alcohol and a balanced diet, the results were exactly the same, high GGT + ALT,
based on this I did an ecography of the liver in 2011, and it was perfect, the doctor didn't notice anything unusual, all sugests a good morphology liver,
no fat accumulation etc, as a remark he found the kidneys to have a "horseshoe" layout?
I did another ecography recently (1 week ago), and the doctor was pointing out that it can be a fatty liver (it was not the case in 2011), so either this is
a consequence of my "illness" or probably because my diet wasn't good for the past year (probably the latter)
Anyway I got occasional abdominal pain with what seems to be moderate chronic fatigue (lasting for the last 10 years or more), sometimes
I have problems with a bloated belly. Somewhere within the past 2/3 years I gained almost 8 Kg of weight (all seem to stick to the abdomen as a layer of extra fat), so could be the reason for a fatty liver?

Any help will be much appreciated, I'm also available to consider a private consultation if required.
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When you say all other values are within normal, does this include bilirubin (total and direct), alp and any additional testing of autoimmune levels? Anything unusual about your CBC? Urine-analysis? Ultrasound testing/surveys? Just looking for any clues ... BMI is high as well?
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Yes as for the bilirubin was:
Total 6.6 mg/l, (exams done in france, called Bilirubin free [maybe it's direct?] 4.6 mg/l)

Most recent ALP reading was 1.38 ukat/l (81 UI/L)
No autoimmune testing has been done to my knowledge, so worth doing it.
Urine was always normal without remarks from the lab.
Ultrasound didn't find abnormalities, current BMI is 25.
Meanwhile thanks for the response
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