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Can a portal vein be reconstructed so that a liver transplant can be performed?

My friend was informed at OHSU in Oregon in 2/2017 that she would need a liver transplant.  After her 1 month follow-up appt with OHSU they informed her that her MELD score was better and no longer needed a liver transplant. Then in 10/2018 her Salem, Oregon doctors informed her she had a blood clot in her portal vein. Her doctors put her on Eliquis to treat the blood clot. Then in 6/2019 she was informed that the blood clot was gone. She stopped her Eliquis as directed. Then in 10/2019, she was informed again that she had a blood clot in her portal vein.  A referral was done at the beginning of 2020 (at our own request) to University of Washington Medical Center Transplant Team.  Could it have been a delay in care that now from the CT from today, 5/7/2020, that there is no longer a blood clot or portal vein but scar tissue?
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