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Elevated Ammonia Blood Level

For the past 2 summers my husband smells of ammonia when he sweats.  We went to our regular dr. who after blood tests told us his ammonia level was 51.  A repeated test a month later his ammonia level is 32.  They did an ultra sound on his liver, galbladded & ducts which all looked normal.  Should we seek an opinion from an expert in determining if there is something to be concerned about?  He is not a body builder and does not eat excessive amounts of protein.  I read that repeated episodes of an elevated ammonia level can be toxic.  Is this only in cases of an extemely elevated blood ammonia levels?  
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Tell you husband to get a blood test for his liver.  The liver controls ammonia levels in the blood.  The liver can look normal, but can still be causing this problem.  Hep C causes high enzyme levels, a low white blood cell count, and high ammonia levels in the blood.  Eating a lot of sodium can also cause elevated ammonia levels in the blood.
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