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Fatty Liver

I was diagnosed with a nonalcoholic fatty liver and had a biopsy and it is 50% fat.  I could not take statins and my cholesterol, trig, etc. was sky high.  I finally got a doctor who found a statin that I could take without all the side effects and my numbers are going down but it's only been two months that I have been on this.  I found out I had a fatty liver because I had been having a bad pain in the right side of my stomach and they found this through a c-t scan along with a tumor on my kidney.  I had robitic surgery to remove the tumor but still have the pain in my right side and when I eat it gets worse and wakes me up at night.  I don't get pain every time I eat but most of the time and I do not vomit.  I then had an ultra-sound and also Tuesday I had a HIPA scan but have not heard any results but the tech said everything looked normal with an elevated fraction of 80%.  

I have had problems with my bowels also with constipation and then diarrhea.  Today I had a very large piece of waste that looked like it was surrounded in white spider web . . . you couldn't see any color in it just all white.  The remainder of the waist was green and yellow.  I really think my GP thinks I am a nut case because he orders tests and they can't find anything.  What do you suggest I do?  I am a 67 year old female and another doctor looked at my blood levels and told me I have been a diabetic for over a year but my GP says that I am not.  What should I do?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank You.
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Have you heard anything new from your doctors wrt the HIPA and other testing they may have done? Given that they've proceeded with an invasive biopsy, they must have some ideas. I've had many biopsies myself and there is a wealth of data.

Please let us know how your are doing, more info will be helpful in understanding where you stand.
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Well, you don't sound like a nut case to us! Like many folks on this website, we end up having many tests before finally receiving a diagnosis.

Have you heard an update from your doctor(s)?

Do you know your Vitamin D level? If yours is low, I've read that supplementing with Vitamin D can lower your cholesterol.
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