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Fatty Liver

August 2017 i was diagnosed with fatty liver my sgpt is 225/69 and i was heavy drinker and overweight, I stopped Alcohol and change my diet by eating vegetables and staying away from pork/beaf and fast food.

And on October 2017 my sgpt drops to 68/69 and now it is 36/69 my sgpt  has been nomral for 7 months.
but when i got ultrasound just this month May 2018 the technician said it is now boundary between normal and mild fatty liver.

When i go to my doctor she just always said to continue my diet as theres no medicine to help reverse fatty liver.

Is there any chances that my fatty liver will progress to severe even with healthy diet? i am worried as i have been battling fatty liver for almost a year now.

Thank you so much!
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