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Hepatitis not otherwise specified & mini stroke with carotid stenosis within 1 week


Bilirubin: 19
ALT:  270
AST: 320
ALP: 170
CGT: 229

Hospital test:


Bilirubin: 13
ALP:   147
CGT: 135
ALT:  216

Diagnosis: hepatitis not otherwise specified (excludes viral hepatitis, B199 and acute hepatitis)

Mystified by result.

Had mini stroke within last week prior to finding out results at routine tests at Doctor's who sent me to hospital.
History - family heart disease but ECG normal
Doppler duplex scan carotid artery reveals >50% narrowing (stenosis) of carotid artery?
Prior to that feeling fine.

Have no idea whether these are isolated events or connected?

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You say your blood tests have 'excluded" viral" hepatitis however with some of those lab reports it would seem there is possibly something "Liver specific" going on  as some of those markers are significantly elevated.

Very often (however not always) when AST is higher than ALT it may be alcohol related .

Possibly go to the forum I linked below for some further answers on that  and as far as the heart issues only your physician would be able to discuss this with you..
Best of luck


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This is a Hepatitis C site, so, you may not get many replies without having had an HCV positive result.    

I would hazard a guess that the hospital will be doing more tests and scans?   I had a blocked carotid artery (on one side only >90%) and a series of mini-strokes, after which a successful operation.  The other side was <40% blocked which, I was told, was 'about normal' for my age.   As far as I'm aware carotid artery is not necessarily related to HCV.  

I'm thinking that you were given the full range of blood tests to get an overall picture of your health.  
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