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High Liver Enzymes and Extreme Leg Pain

I have been suffering with severe leg pains for 3 years now and my first blood test indicated that I was very low in Vitamin D 1000 UI. After taking these tablets I realised no difference. The past couple of months the pain has got a lot worse in my legs and I mentioned to the doctor it’s also in my arms and upper body now. After a second blood test it indicated that the enzymes in my liver were quite high. My brother also has this problem and my mother experienced these symptoms as a child but didn’t have any problems regarding her liver.

Some mornings I’m waking up with terrible pains in my thighs as if someone has punched me and as a result of this it’s uncomfortable to sit down as they feel very bruised. They are not red or swollen.

I also brought up to the doctor that my legs feel as if they are burning - not hot in temperature but they feel like they are on fire. He seemed very confused about this and had no relevant answer.

I am taking Amitriptyline at night to calm down the pain but I have nothing to take during the day as pain killers do not work. Due to this pain I am experiencing extreme tiredness and it is having dramatic affect on my family/ friends and work colleagues.

Please could someone help me.
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Many diseases and conditions can contribute to elevated liver enzymes. More common causes include liver infection/inflammation, but there are other rare causes. In the setting of muscle pain and weakness, rhabdomyolysis and polymyositis should be ruled out with laboratory testing, including but not limited to checking creatine kinase.
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