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Liver pain after too many paracetamols

Hi, in the space of 3 days i consumed around 20 paracetamol for a sever tooth ache. I never spaces it out well but the most i ever took at once was 2, however i would eat 2 and then 1 hour later take 1 more etc. I started to get severe pain in my upper right side of abdomen where the liver is and it is tender to touch. I went to a and e where the doctor examined me and the stomach and felt it and she said it seems fine, she also said its unlikely that i have overdosed. They done some blood tests including checking the paracetamol levels in the blood and Liver function tests and a couple more. They all came back normal. So the doctor told me i am fine and have no liver damage and should not be worried. However, i still have pain by my liver and it is still tender to touch and i still feel sick and weak and shivery.  Should i be concerned, i went to the a and e around 2 days after i started taking the paracetamol, so would normal liver tests be a good sign? Because i have read online that acute liver failure cannot be detected by LFT.
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I am not a dr  but i would say if A+E have given you the all clear and checked your bloods LFTs etc i would say you have not damaged your liver . Pains maybe down to pulled muscle in that area
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I would think the same, but its weird how i have 90% of the symptoms other than jaundice. It doesnt seem to be getting better
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