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Liver tests abnormal

In the last 2 months tested my Liver enzymes twice and both times ALT, AST and ALP were only a few units above upper limit. I did the same tests a year ago and they were a bit elevated at the time as well. My doctor says that its nothing to worry about. I rarely drink and I am not overweight. Only other thing in my tests which is abnormal is my Platelet count which is always a bit low(around 130 or 140). In the last 3 years, I have been having some symptoms like joint and muscle pain, fatigue and weakness, abdominal pain which come and go and so far there has been no diagnosis for. Is it possible that there is some connection between my symptoms and my liver function, should I see another doctor?
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There maybe an auto-immune issue here. You might talk to your doctor about getting an antibody blood screen done, just as a check.
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