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Liver trouble, please can anyone help me understand this ?

Hi, I was diagnosed with Hep C some 3 years ago, Genotype 3A with a Viral load that started at 120 which is now 2000+.  rather stupidly I have continued persistently drinking at an extremely heavy level. I was just browsing through some notes and realised that I havn't got much idea what it all means. I do not know how serious this is or what the likely outcome will be or what I am likely to expect. Here is a snippet of a note I got last year : Blood results show abnormal LFTs with Gamma GT at 257 and ALT at 122. Ultrasound shows Fatty liver and a 16x9mm hypochoic lesion in the right lobe of the liver which could be fat sparring or any other lesion in the liver. MRI refered (since done). I have frequently been advised to quit alcohol but am a very heavy drinker and just cant seem to stop. I am heavily addicted to methadone, use certain benzos, and have used crack, heroin and others for over 12 years now (not proud of that at all!). I do not get enough exercise and break a sweat very easily. I also suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and a few other things. I am in my 30's. I obviously need a serious change of lifestyle but I don't know where to begin with it. I have not experienced any pain but have had symptoms such as itching, sweating and generally feeling tired and unwell although these could be a number of other things. My question is : Is my liver trouble what one might consider serious ?   Any feedback would be appreciated. It hasn't really bothered me for a while but just having seen the letter again (dated last year) it has worried me a little and I have not heard anything back from the MRI scan yet either. Thanks for reading.
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First off, you are amongst friends here, no judgements. But yes, slowing down needs to be a priority. Your liver's health is based on many things, other than just the enzymes. Your liver has synthesis and excretory functions that are a bigger factor in your liver's health status. If you can provide the INR, Bilirubin and Creatinine levels, we can calculate your MELD score which is a good marker of what your liver status is at. We are not doctors, just friends with a lot of experience. Your liver is remarkable in its rejuvenation capabilities. And please get the MRI report if you haven't already. We can help you figure out what the liver lesion diagnosis indicate s.
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