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Mental confusion and constant tiredness

Hello Sir,

My name is kiran and I am 28 years old,  I need some advice regarding my condition. Please read through this and help me.

I started smoking at a very young age of 15, now I am totally in a mess. 3 years ago I had a nose bleed, a few drops of blood from the left nostril, since then my life has turned into a nightmare.

I was 25 at that time and could not decide whether to go to a doctor so I did not discuss this with anybody till day. I was very much confused and worried that I started taking Vitamin C pills; I thought I had cancer of some sort and started taking 10 pills everyday.

I could not sleep and be happy, I was consumed by this thought that I was going to die, after a couple of weeks I started having heart burns, and I have been having them ever since.

I met with an oncologist, he said I was OK but I have high blood pressure but no cancer, but still I could not come out of the feeling. I have visited several doctors.

Nowadays I have put on weight and become very tired, I am always tired, I feel short of breadth on even climbing one flight of stairs. I am not able to concentrate on anything. My mind seems to be occupied and I am always in a state of panic. Every time my phone rings I expect bad news.

My stomach seems to be heavy all the time, after a meal my stomach enlarges filled with gas and I start sweating, I could not work. I am always sleepy and when I wake up I feel sad and tired.

I have recently visited a gastro he gave me medicine for swollen liver. I don’t drink. Even when I walk a small distance I feel pain in my lower jaw. I have had constant pain in my chest, it’s a kind of pricking pain, it is always there. My heart beat is always above 100 beats per minute.

Please advice me, I have lost my confidence and courage. I cannot discuss this with family or friends they might think I am a loser and will worry for me, I cannot make them unhappy.
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Thaks Mark
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I'm a recovering alcoholic that's been sober now for 4+ years now and I'm a 54 year old male with liver cirrhosis. With that said, I'd have to ask if you've had blood work done lately? Liver disease is all I know in life and it scares the sh_t out of me at times. I've had overloads of ammonia in my blood system that has literally sent me to the moon. I once had a home health aid come to see me at the house to find me in a coma. Too much ammonia is dangerous with the brain. It makes me confussed so bad it takes days (3 or 4) to spell my name or dial a phone.

I say go to your gastro and get my blood checked. A whole lot of things can be dismissed from that. Confussion is why I'm writing to you and if blood work comes back okay for any kind of liver problems your lucky because at times I hate to say, I hate the mistake I made.

Also I have the shortness of breath and it's from smoking for 40 years. COPD disease, I have it bad. The weather outside in August dosn't help either but that's nature.

My blood pressures always low low like 105/65 but it varies and I don't know why it's that low.

Imsomnia is a big problem for me also. Right now it's 4am in the morning because I can't relax and go to sleep in fact last night I didn't get any sleep and I think that's stress.

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