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Natural Cure?

what can i do to get rid of hep c the natural way if any. I Liv 52 really as good s they say?
the bottom of my feet hurt and my right side also hurts, my doc tells me it is not the hep c, but I don't beleive him. I never did drugs, or had sex with anyone other than my husbad, but did drink alot. Also what foods are good to eat with hep c? and are there any good doctors in so fla tha specilize in hep c. aldo, i have horrible acid reflux
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hany any bowel movement problems or lower left abdomen pains?
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Unfortunately, the only known successful treatment to get rid of hep c are pharmaceuticals.  There are things you can do to help your liver:  no alcohol is essential.  Moderate fat intake, not more than 2000 mg tylenol a day are also a couple of good rules of thumb.  Usually, hep c does not have any symptoms and doesn't cause abdominal pain, but there are always exceptions to any rule.  Have you had a liver biopsy to determine the health of your liver?  

Not being from the Florida area I can't recommend any one doctor in particular, but a good place to start is a large research/university hospital where you can find a hepatologist (a liver specialist), and one with experience with hep c is all the better.
If you have more questions about your hep c, you might find the hepatitis c community on MedHelp a good place to read and ask questions.  Best wishes.~eureka
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there is a natural diet for patients with these cases.briefly you should avoid eating meat, eggs and  too much fry.Tea, the spices spicy, fatty food , yogurt, are the worst thing for the liver. Eggs, drugs, salty snacks, snack, chips, pastries and confectionery products, sandwiches, frozen and too salty quickly poached salt vinegar sauce and tomato juice Pickled roasted foods. These are enemy of liver.
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