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Normal ast and alt. AST ratio of 1.2. Freaking out…

Hey all. Sorry if this is a silly question but it is so difficult to find answers that don’t contradict each other.

I have a recent CMP that shows AST of 22 and ALT of 18. These are well within the normal ranges. Then I read something about the ratio and I’m in a group that shows “likely cirrhosis” stated by the “AST Ratio calculator.” I’m just off eliquis for a DVT that has been resolved but further tests showed that I have slightly elevated ferritin levels and ULN total protein. Doctor is checking for primary Hemochromatosis. If it’s not that it could be secondary - which would be another red flag pointing towards cirrhosis.

I didn’t drink for a month while on eliquis and for the last 2 months only a couple glasses of wine 2 times a week ish.

What do you all think? It has me losing it a little.

Thanks all…

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