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Raised Bilirubin levels otherwise normal LFT

Hi all, I am a 36 year old male in good health & feeling well. I have been drinking quite heavily since I was around 18. I have quit for periods of months on several occasions. This June I decided to quit again. I had a liver function test & everything came back as normal except my Bilirubin which was 26 umol/l (normal 0-23 umol/l) I quit drinking & had another blood test a month later & it was still 26 umol/l. I was told that this should probably go down on my next blood test. I was scheduled to have a blood test in another month & stupidly 3 days before I had the blood test I had 3 days of drinking, about 20 units of Alcohol a day. I have just had a call from my doctor saying my Bilirubin has risen to 36 umol/l. I feel well, no yellowing of the skin or eyes although I feel a little tired at times. Should I be concerned? Also I am taking Disulfiram to help me quit drinking. Thanks.
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No reason to be concern since you are under care with your doctor. Your liver is likely fatty and congested from the drinking, and this will take a while to resolve. Please stay on your non drinking plan and your liver should make a complete recovery! Take care and be strong.
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