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Rapid drop in AST and ALT levels after 3 weeks

My blood test 3 weeks ago showed that I had elevated levels of liver enzymes: AST - 175 U/L and ALT - 102 U/L. To confirm this, I re-did the test yesterday and both levels have shown rapid fall to normal levels: 33 U/L for AST and 28 U/L for ALT respectively. So my question is if it is possible for AST and ALT levels to drop by a factor of 5 or 4 in just three weeks? I have a doubt that my first blood sample was swapped with someone else's, because I am only 26 and live a very healthy lifestyle (sport, don't drink, don't smoke).
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Yes, your enzymes can drop that fast, for multiple reasons. You can have GI infections that may transport up into your liver via the common bile duct, and this can resolve itself in several weeks. Also, a small gallstone can cause a mild impedance to your bile, leading to some back flow into the liver. The stone can continue on out into your small intestine, but the backed up bile is a poison to your liver cells, resulting in a temporary enzyme spike. Viral hepatitis-B can resolve its acute phase in short order as well. There are other possibilities of course.

Your doctor should be able to diagnose the cause for you. Was there a particular symptom that caused you to have your doctor check your enzymes in the first place.
I had no symptoms, it was just a yearly routine medical exam. Actually it was my doctor who told me that there is no chance my levels could have dropped so fast and that most probably my initial blood sample was accidentally switched with someone else's. I decided to have a second opinion because I don't have a particularly nice opinion of doctors in my home country.
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A second opinion is a good choice. Quick drops are not typical bit so happen. I see it all the time with my liver disease, but I don't mean to imply you have what I have. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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