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Superdrol and liver toxicity.

I'm 36,white, male and a former heavy weight lifter. I am currently being seen by a GI after I had mildly high liver enzymes after routine blood work (ALT 109) back in 2013. I was just taking many herbal supplements and test boosters. Three years later my alt ranges from 40-50 but never goes under 40. Ast is usually 28-32. All other liver values WNL.

I'm overweight right now and bulky with muscle from my weight lifting days so my doctor is inclined to think its fatty liver not Nash (which is my concern). I have since realized I did many short cycles of superdrol when it was legal and OTC. I have read all the horror stories now about this drug.

My question is could superdrol have given me irreversible liver damage? Should I be more concerned with Nash? Last time I ever used it was 4 years ago however my Enzymes are either mildly high or high normal. It looks from my readings that superdrol and Tylenol if stopped will not lead to permanent liver injury is that correct?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi there, I had to look up Superdrol.  While it can elevate your enzymes I don't think that it could be affecting you 4 years later.  The liver has the amazing ability to regenerate it self if treated properly.  This assumes that one doesn't have severe scarring.
Have you been tested for Hepatitis?  How do you feel?  Do you have any cherry red spots on your body?
Take Care, Dee
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Hi Dee. I feel fine and I don't have the red spots you mentioned. The only symptom I have is upper limit of normal alt levels to sometimes slightly elevated. I'm wondering how to differentiate Nash vs nafld without having to do a biopsy. The gi I see says just monitor but that isn't very reassuring.
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