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Upper Right Quadrant pain... Liver? Pancreas? IBS?

Hi and thank you for reading about my boring problems... lol

Seventeen years ago, in my very early 40s, I started having upper right quadrant pain. The gastro doctor did several tests, Scope down the throat, up the rear. This one where I ate these crystals and made my stomach blow up for some imaging.

They did not find anything. They said theres nothing wrong with me, I'm not dying of cancer, go away, we are tired of you. lol.

I ended up on Omniprizole 40mg 2x/day and Bella donna 2x/day. This never cured the pain, but just made it go down to where it wasn't so bad. The bella donna eventually morphed into dicyclomine.

So in all the ensuing years I went along thinking I'm basically healthy, I just have these stomach pains. I continued to drink alcohol this whole time.


I tried to go on a low carb keto type diet two months ago. I was also taking a good amount of fish oil. 81mg asprin a day for awhile.
During this time, the upper right quadrant kind of went crazy again. Very tender. Seemed to me if felt swolen, inflammed type of feeling.

I did some research and found all three of these things can be tough on the liver. So I quit them immediately and started feeling better in the following weeks. This is the first time I started thinking it could be the liver. I then also quit drinking alcohol. Ate more carbs which are a bit easier for the liver.

I started wondering if I had been misdiagnosed. Wondered if I should have been told to stop drinking many years before.

It was noticed on an unrelated CAT scan that I have fatty liver.
I had a hida scan not long ago and it didn't show anything wrong.
I also had a liver panel done recently and was told the numbers were normal.
Turds are not oily, mostly do not float. They are generally on the loose side and lighter in color.

What do you guys think?
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I have had some blood tests a long time ago and was told I do not have Hep C.
So, unless the common testing used is flaky, I guess I don't have it.

I quit drinking alcohol about the first of February and am taking a supplement you can get at the vitamin stores that is for liver support.

I have calcium growing in my heart, so to combat that, I need to take say, fish oil, maybe a small asprin, vitamin D3, and go on a Keto type diet..... Well if you have a broken liver, it will not like those things.  In fact, those things may make your liver scar up even more.

So, I am still not sure what my liver status really is.

From what I understand, there is a tipping point with the liver.  The liver can heal itself unless you go past the tipping point where it will get worse.

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I had similar experience where I am 72 and had upper right quadrant pain for several years with normal labs and fatty liver.....until F4 cirrhosis hit. However, I had Hep C for 20 something years though and got it cured about 2 years. The Hep C beat up on my liver until I had cirrhosis. Have you been checked for Hep C?
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No amonia test done on liver panel
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Oh, forgot to mention..
Every time i get on the eliptical at the gym, i smell ammonia.  This is during the first 15 mintes of exersize.
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