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What does the LFT medical report suggest???

I was diagnosed with jaundice on 29th June and my LFT was as follows-Bilirubin Total:2.37, Bilirubin Direct:.1.01, Bilirubin Indirect-1.36, AST-122.30, ALT-64.77. Rest all were in normal range( ALP,Albumin, Protein etc). After one week I again got a LFT done and except Bilirubin every enzymes were under normal range including AST and ALT. I got LFT tests done repeatedly for 3-4 times thereafter and every time except Bilirubin all the other enzymes were in normal range. The last test I got done on 31st July and Bilirubin Toatal was1.42, Bilirubin Direct-0.61, Bilirubin Indirect-0.81. Rest all the report was normal. What does this indicate? I got tested for all Hepatitis infections and they were negative.
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