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elevated ALT/AST blood work

I have been feeling really tired and light headed over the last few months.  I am a 23 year old male, 6 190lbs.

I went to the doctor and had some blood work done with everything normal except ALT of 157 AST of 66 and Tot Bilrubin of 1.3.

I was then tested for Hep A, B and C and all came back negative.  

After this i got an ultrasound and have a mildly fatty liver, but no tumors or cysts.

I am taking Effexor XR for depression, and although it isn't a side effect, i have read some posts of other people on forums that have elevated enzymes on Effexor.  I have been on this for 3 years and had my enzymes tested in 09 and my ALT was only 40.

Can anyone tell me if they think Effexor could be the culprit?

Can a mildly fatty liver really cause enzymes to be this high?
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Would cancer cause this to happen? Could i have some sort of lymphoma or something?
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6' and 190lb seems like a good weight for your height. So I am suprised you have a fatty liver at your age. You must stay pretty active. The other thing this points to is poor diet. Having a fatty liver can lead to liver disease and quite often cirrhosis. So to answer your question "can having a fatty liver cause elevated liver enzymes?" Absolutely!

Do you take any other medications on a regular basis? Pain pills? Even for head ache. There is something your doing reall irritating your liver and I can't help but suspect it's more than just poor diet.

  I went to the official Effexor XR website and there is nothing indicating that it can irritate the liver.

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