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high AST/ALT levels

I have high AST and ALT levels shown on recent blood work - I don't drink or smoke, I rarely ever take any medications.  I had gastric bypass surgery and am now within a normal BMI - I exercise regularly.  I am a 48 yr old female.  Why would these levels be high and what can  be done about it?
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Thanks for the website Mark.  No I don't have hepatitis (I've been previously vaccinated for this).  I guess I'll have to wait for my doc's appt to  know where to go with this.
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I've had liver cirrhosis for nearly 11 years now and I too take all my meds, eat right and still have things come up that either get me hospitized or just feeling like crap at home. Do you know if you have hepitis or not cause  it seems that those case's run into these higher levels more often. Did a little bit of reserarch on the levels and found this.


It's a little info on your question and good luck.!!!

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This is something you need to discuss with your doctor. No person on an health forum can answer unknown medical diagnostics.
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