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stools light in color

about 1 yr. ago my stool was almost white. Then now then lighter..most of the time was brown..I've been having symptoms of bloating,heartburn..also that nasty bitterr taste 5 min after you eat..i had a routine labs 1 was the (ast) I was realy good in range, the other was (alt) was also good in this one..my gp doc said was great...I have a apt April 9th,i see a digestive specialist...

ok now my gallbladder is of working just 10 percent, however I show not many symptoms, except the bloating,  in my upper back, but I also workout. Lower back,,I had said something like I need to have the gallbladder taking out,gp doc said its working the keep it even though its working 10%...so I have did that..

I don't get pains on my right side, just bloating or full..im not nausea, I do have Zofran..I've cut back on pop Coffey hard too..i have no signs of jaundice..i,m on 5lpm o2 just sleeping,,im sleep apnea..i do feel tired but not out the normal.. would like to hear from someone that may shed something to me...save me from obsessing to much..

thank you!!
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Well I had my gallbladder taken out in August though I had gallstones and it was really inflamed. Where on the right side is the pain, is it right under your rib cage, does it feel better when you eat or does it hurt more with certain foods?
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hello, know I don't get much pain.do have gas that's trapped. The pain I do get must be from my floor exercises,,i have 16 bulging discs. Did your stools change to a green bile form or sorta white?? did you have any gas bloating?? let me know what you can..I see my Doctor 9th..thanks
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