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hospice or rehab?

My 46-year old son (end-stage liver)  was discharged from a local hospital (transfusions and paracenteses) and transferred to a rehabilitation clinic.  This place appears to be a hospice in disguise with no patient advocacy and little or no effort to do regular blood work, taps, etc. I had to haul him out of there last week to Mayo (Phoenix) ER to get cipro and an albumin IV, as well as a referral upstairs to Hepatology.  He returned to rehab for his bed and three squares.  Is there a more aggressive/proactive facility he should be in to monitor/tap his ascites and watch out for SBP?    
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i do not know of specific places in this vicinty.  I think he is very sick and may require liver transplantation soon.
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I am familiar with Phoenix and also an 11 year liver recipient. The only hospitals doing livers in Phoenix are Mayo and Banner Good Samaritan. If he has a referral to Mayo hepatology, ask at the appt if he would be eligible for transplant. I recommend Mayo highly.
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