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Lung cancer stage 3a non small cell squamous

I am a very active fit 74 year old male . My drs. have kept an eye on my heart since 2001 because i began doing triathlons they found a mildly leaky mitral valve. In a ct scan of my heart this April they say a 1.8cm nodule in left lung, went through pet scan ,bronchoscopy, biopsies on May 11 the lymphs in my lung were aspirated and tested no cancer  but they couldn't reach the nodule. The VA now takes over and wont send me to Mayo AZ. but to Portland VA hospital they schedule a VAT surgery for node but do another bronchoscopy on June 23 , this one they aspirate the same lymphs in my left lung and get a piece of the nodule. Now i have stage 3a lung cancer ,i have no symptoms even after Mountain biking or trail running 60-90 min 6 days  a week
I am not doing chemo/Radiation treatment we are from Hawaii but this has all happened in Corvallis OR. We are going back to Hawaii the end of July, I will reach out to Mayo AZ. for another treatment opinion . What can i expect for symptoms in the next 3-6 months. when I do reach stage 4 i will do immuno therapy, why do you have to be at stage 4 to do immunotherapy   Thank you gary
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