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Stage 3A small cells cancer

Hi Doctors,

I am asking this question oversea from China so please forgive me for my limited vocabulary and poor grammar, however, I will try to make understand me.
My grandma was diagnosed Stage 3A small cell right lung cancer recently and already have Lymph node metastasis but the cancer have not reached the left lung yet. She is 78 years old and weight 82 bl (she is always this skinny). The Doctor here states that it is almost impossible for my grandma to do the surgery because it require to remove the whole right lung and the doctor believe as grandma's age she could not take it. Therefore, the doctor suggested that combine chemotherapy and radiotherapy as treatment, hoping this will extend 12-18 months.
The most serious problem there is a tumor at the top of the right bronchus where is very near the trachea. The Doctor said if we decide to nothing, she may won't survive more than 6 months.
We don't know what to do because so many people and example tells the chemotherapy and radiotherapy make the patient suffer so much and still not working, even make the gone faster. In additional information for you, the patient does not feel anything wrong and uncomfortable beside dry cough. We don't know who to believe and how can we help her.
Please reply kindly, it will mean so much to us. Please!

Thank you,
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It's a serious issue Bcoz it involves whole of right bronchus.. chemotherapy s only option left.. U can try it
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please anyone?
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please any suggestions. ty
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