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10% lung capacity?

My granny is 76 y/o and had ILD which later developed into IPF. On 17 May we took her to our general pulmonologist because her legs were really swelled up, he said that we should admit her to a hospital asap because she's possibly going through a respiratory failure, so she was taken to er and put on a ventilator because her CO2 was extremely high and oxygen very low, anyways today is 19th and doc today told us that her lung capacity might be around 7 - 10%, all her other organs are working as it should be in an individual her age, it just the lungs that's making her sick, Does lung capacity that low means she's near her end? I'm really worried please tell me is 10% bad? She first was put on ventilator via a mask but it didn't decrease her level of c02 so she was intubated, which rapidly decreased her co2 levels. Now I was wondering when she was put on the mask ventilator, her SPO2 levels went to 99% but the co2 was still high, why? plus can she be taken off from the ventilator and be put on an oxygen concentrator

please read and reply I'm really worried, after my mother's death at a young age, she was the mother to me, she raised me and I'm really worrieed
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