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20 years old smoked hookah frequently

I am 20 years old, and went to the doctor in June. I smoked hookah on occasion over the summer, and one day afterwards I began to feel fatigued. I went to the doctor, and the doctor said that it was acute bronchitis. I did not smoke hookah often at all after that, but I felt better. Then, when school started back up again, I was smoking a lot every day for a while, probably about a month. I then started having lung pains, and went to the doctor, and they said it may be pleurisy, because nothing showed up on my lung x rays. I know I am being paranoid, but I don't want to wait if something could impact my life for good. Since these two occurrences seem to have been caused by tobacco smoking, should I go and get screened further for lung cancer just to be safe? I am going to take the meds the doctor prescribed and hope it gets better, but I am just afraid that the 2 occurrences within a few months could mean something more. Definitely done smoking. Just would like some advice on the situation. Thanks.
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Look, ur smoking and this is dangerous, first when u smoked the nicotine made effect, definitely you will keep smoking or you will have trouble, you will be crazy ok? Let's return to the point. Well if 20
People smoke 15 of the 20 will have lung cancer. This is more than 50% well to be more sure if you lung cancer, you'll have trouble with breathing it will be harder, if you feel you have the cancer go quickly to a doctor, cuz I am really sure you wanna lose it, you know that the lung lives, and if it dies you can't live with one happily, you will have trouble with breathing and etc. Pls ask someone in your family to take the smokes out of the house, once you stop smoking for a month you'll get used to it. Then go breathing fresh air to clear your lung 100% from the smoke. You need to see if you have cancer, cuz it can transfer to any other organs, it can go through ur bones and that causes you pain, it can go through anything, it's cancer, it can lead you to death if you don't fix it quickly, cause if the cancer be more than 4 cm, i don't think you can cured. Pls go to a cancer doctor to check you.
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