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The Dr. wants to take a biopsy through my father's nose to get  a piece of the spot he saw on a Pet Scan on the lung.  We are not jumping into this too quickly because after talking with several people who have faced this they said when you go into get a biopsy it stirs up the area especially if it is lung cancer.  Can the Dr. tell with a pet scan on how to treat this or does he usually have to go in and do a biopsy?  We would like to know if he does a biopsy and it is cancer can we request that the whole lung be taken and not just a piece of it. Can you breath pretty well with one lung?  My father has had Asbestosis for many years and is a very healthy 77 yr. old has no trouble breathing and excersises daily.  He was in the Navy and was exposed to Asbestos.
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my dad is waiting for biopsy results. he was told that the "mass" is 7cm.
Is that faily large for a cancer mass??? he has severe emphysema as well.. he actually when to have some skin cancer removed from his back.. after the surgery his oxygen level was low even with oxygen being provided... after some xrays... they discovered the mass on his lung... now that are telling him that due to his severe emphysema they may not be able to remove the cancer.. ( which he JUST found out that he has the emphysema ... let alone the cancer.. )i am just looking for some positive news... lately all we are getting is bad...
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You need biopsy.
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A  PET scan will highlight areas that are potentially cancer, but the only way to determine for certain whether or not it's cancer is with a biopsy.  It's a myth that doing a biopsy will "stir up" cancer cells.

Not all cases of lung cancer are treated with surgery.   Early stage non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is usually the only form of the disease treated with surgery.

If surgery is an option, the surgeon will remove the portion of the lung that contains lung cancer and a margin of healthy tissue around the cancer.  This can be done by wedge resection or lobectomy.  Pneumonectomy (removal of the whole lung) is performed only when absolutely essential and the patient's breathing capacity is good enough that the remaining lung will be sufficient.

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