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Pls help: i had my chest xray findings it says thick linear density on left upper lung...and the conclusion says: fibrosis left apical lung...what does it mean?..do i have a pulmonary fibrosis..im scared of this..im unfit to work abroad..do i have a chance to have Pulmonary fibrosis?.. im an athletes, 32yrs male, i dont smoke, im not taking drug.. i have balanced of diet. But why does i got this findings?.. pls help
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Hi, we have the same situation. At first I was diagnosed PTB III, so I have undergone 9 months of medication (antibiotics). for Every 3 months of taking antibiobtics, my doctor always advise me to undergo XRAY.. the first XRay findings was that something like Radiological (I forgot) which means that it has an improvement on my illness. and the last one was There is no changes since the last study. It only mean that its only the scar left and no longer have an illness.
How are you now? Have you undergone medication? are you fully healed? I need your advise regarding if you no longer have scar/fibrosis. Thanks
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