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Please Advice

I had a an xray & a CT scan in 2010 where I was diagnosed with bronchiatacsis with rounded atelectisi. Since then I have seen the consultant every 6 months and have had X rays and they have always come back as no change from the initial xray. I saw the consultant in Dec 2012 and after the xray she was going to discharge me back to my GP. She decided to go back and look at my x-rays and then asked me to have another CT. I had the CT on the 4th of Feb 2013 and there were small changes from the initial CT scan but the radiologist suggeted it was unlikely to be malignant. have now been reffered to a thoracic surgeon who has arranged a bronchoscopy and EBUS.

I am really terrified as EBUS is mainly to detect cancer, someone please advise me.
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Just to add the second CT in Feb 2013 result was inconclusive diagnosis and a second opinion was sort from the thoracic surgeon who then suggested a bronchoscopy and EBUS.
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