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first timer

  sorry for the intrussion.   this was the only way i could get into the forum for some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been dx wiyh a poorly defined carcinoma on the liver at 4x's the largest being 4.1cm the other 2.0 or less.  i have the gambit of blood tests mri  ct scans  pet scan an upper and lower gi and have few hot spots showing up..  the one hot spot around the pancreas was looked at with an eus procedure that showed the pancreas as being ok,  but the lymphs around the arota by the pacreas were slighlty abnormal and to far away for the dr to get a biopsy of those lymphs.  so now i am at the point were the dr is recommending a cath be placed and start chemo asap.  the tx plan is to treat as possiblr pancratic carcenoma for two cycles then re-scan for shrinkage, and go from there

i hope someone can at least respond to give me an idea as to possible side affects etc. and to let me know if this is the right forum to be in for support.   i have noticed that there is not much responding in here so please as a first timer i really do need some support and guidance.

to put it bluntly i am extremely nervous an scared.  so if anyone can be helpful then plrase do so

look foward to hearing from anyone

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