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I was being evaluated for MS, but my ANA came back postive

I just got the results online today, and haven't talked to my neurologist.  But here is the back story.

A few months ago I started with severe nerve pain in my neck that radiated across my back, down my arm and into my hand.  this came with numbness and tingling.  My PCP referred me to a pain doc, who sent me for an MRI of my neck.  Came back with 2 lesions on my spinal cord.  He sent me for an MRI of my brain.  That came back with a hyperintenstity in my right frontal lobe.  So pain doc sent me to the neurologist.

I had a full MRI of my spine, and then a panel of blood work to rule out things other than MS.  Everything came back normal, except my vitamin D is a little low, I'm positive for ANA and my RNP antibodies are 2.9.  I came back negative for Sjogren's, Lyme and Syphillis.  My copper is normal, as is my B12. My TSH is a bit high at 3.19, but it's not off of the charts or anything.

My current sypmtoms are extreme fatigue and muscle aches.  The neck pain was treated with Gabapentin and I'm not having the same horrible pain that I started with.  Now it's just an intense body ache and a mildly annoying headache 24/7.

I go for a lumbar puncture on Tuesday, and I don't see my neurologist for 3 weeks.  

I've been trying to ask Dr. Google, what I have, but he's not being very forthcoming with the answers.  So, does anyone here have any ideas?  From what I read they use a positive ANA to rule out MS?  

Thanks for any answers that you could give.
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