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Low Platelets Count?

How low can your platelets get before it becomes dangerous? I know that normal platelet counts are between 150,000 and 420,000. My grandmother has lupus and her doctors have differing opinions on how low is to low. One doc says below 100,000 , another says below 30,000. So how low is too low?
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Platelet counts often fluxuate. I hope your grandmother's physicians are closely monitoring her platelet count. Low platelet counts in lupus patients are often due to the antibodies and not usually from drug side-effects. 30,000 is low, but I've seen lower. From my experience, physicians will give platelets to a patient when their platelet count is around 20,000 or less. It really depends on the disease though.

Does your grandmother have antiphospholipid syndrome ?
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03/2011: Platlet count : 127 L
03/2010: Platlet Count: 116 L
My Age is 39 Yrs.
I am not on any medication, I don't have any symptoms.
Please suggest me.

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Hi there, hope you are doing well after the storms that rolled through yesterday.

Some possiblities are:
acute blood loss
drug affects (such as heparin)
infections with sepsis
entrapment of platelets in an enlarged spleen
bone marrow failure from myelofibrosis or leukemia

If you don't have enough platelets you may notice signs of bleeding such as nosebleeds, easy bruising, prolonged bleeding from a cut, black or bloody stools, brown or red urine, or tiny pinpoint sized spots on your skin, under your nails or in you gums.  

Make sure the lab is not using a lavender-top tube (these supposibly causes the platelets to clump, thus causing a low reading.)  A test tube w/ a green top is recommended.
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I hope your nanna. Has been tested for the Antiphospolipid Syndrome, as this is often seen in Lupus patients, and the Antiphospolipid Syndrome, can cause Low platelets.

Maybe if they were to find the cause then they could treat it better.
Good Luck
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