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49 year old female. DX's with MS in 2000. On Avonex ever since along with a LOT of other "symptom management" medications.

Recent blood test showing VERY high positive ANA SCR, ANA TITER 1:640, PATTERN SPECKLED.

GP is looking for "another reason" for my fatigue...UMM, BESIDES MY MS?? I THINK HE THINKS I'M OUT OF MY MIND?

QUESTION:  Could this have been "my norm" nine years ago or perhaps something I've just developed? I've moved so I don't have my complete records (something to think about getting, I suppose.) IF I was tested way back then...

Supporting tests and lack of other apparent symptoms rules out obvious suggestions / ideas... NOTE: Lupus was RULED OUT NINE YEARS AGO prior to my MS DX altho my mother had Lupus... She died in 2007 (stroke). Can I just "get" Lupus if I was told I didn't have it before? Again, I don't have other symptoms sans the high ANA.

Along with a variety of meds, I am on Synthroid (0.1 MG) and and Topamax (300MG). Before I see another specialist, I'm looking around on my own.

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Do you mind listing all of your symptoms ? I'm asking because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and also have a positive ANA --- same as yours (1:640 - speckled pattern). 5% of people who are diagnosed with MS actually have CFS.

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I hadn't thought of CFS. Interesting because Lupus and other related disorders are not supported by more extensive blood work.

My MS has been supported by spinal tap and MRIs however so I am confident I have not been misdiagnosed.

The fatigue is SO EXTREME in my case my doc just was wondering if I could be experiencing something else. As far as symptoms...

Fatigue is on the top. I can function about 4 hours then my head gets ready cloudy. Brain fog. Annoying, very annoying. Then I have to re-charge. Actually I need to do that right now (over-due). Can I get back to you? Or could you write to me off line at klincos at gmail ******* and mention this forum? I'll be more open, if you don't mind?


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They ruled out lupus 9 years ago but that doesn't mean you haven't developed it since.  Brain fog is big with people with lupus.  It is a horrible feeling, I hate it so much.  I feel like a total space cadet. But it is hard to say really what could be wrong with you without knowing to much about you.  Just don't rule it out just in case.
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Hi.  Sorry to hear you are having such fatigue issues.  You might want to post this same question on the MS forum.  It is a very active forum with some very knowledgeable members in the different aspects of and management of MS.

Good wishes to you.

Wanna :o)
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Yeah, I'm not ruling anything out yet. Still investigating. I have an appt. with a rheumatologist next month and will talk to my neuro too. Worse thing I want is to go thru all the hoops again and be "re-diagnosed" for MS .. but then again, I don't want all my aliments to be thrown in my "MS BUCKET" which often happens too.

Just because you have one thing certainly doesn't make you immune from another, I agree! Thanks for the cautious words.

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Just to follow-up on this ANA test...

I spoke to my neuro's office yesterday after they reviewed the results of my blood test. As a refresher, the test was ordered by my GP, not my neuro. GP recommended that I see a rheumatologist, etc...

Neuro was as confused, as I was, in regards to [all the concern] and assured me that this type of result (see post above) is VERY OFTEN seen in patients like me, with MS (just as I suspected) ...

I have an appointment with him next week but see no reason I should be "re-diagnosed" for MS which, I believe, is where all this was heading! D'oh!!

Looks like this time it really IS one for the MS bucket.

Thanks again for comments.

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